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Glenfield Borough, incorporated in 1883, is conveniently located 10 miles north-west of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River. It is a community of 90 homes and 200 citizens, and is a part of the Quaker Valley School District. In the 1850's, the future site of Glenfield boasted Kilbuck Railroad Station and was known as the borough of Camden. On June 10, 1876,  the borough became known as Glenfield. Situated between Route 65 and I-79, residents also have great access to major highways. Glenfield is a great place to raise a family, enjoy the recreational activities of the Ohio River or to take a leisurely walk along the historic streets.

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Council Meetings: 2nd Monday of Every Month at 7PM,  Meeting Agenda

Next Meeting: 11/9/2020 7PM

Trash Pickup: Weekly on Tuesdays, Recyling Biweekly on Tuesdays, Holidays: 1day later
Borough of Glenfield
265 Dawson Ave.
Sewickley, PA 15143
Phone: 412.741.8566
Fax: 412.741.3963


Connie Klauck
Borough Secretary

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GLENFIELD/HAYSVILLE Planning/zoning drafts



10/31 5PM-7PM


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, if any residents are in dire need of essentials or an errand run, within reason, please call the Borough office @ 412-741-8566 for assistance.

The next regular Glenfield Borough Council meeting is scheduled for Monday November 9, 2020 at 7:00pm at 315 Dawson Avenue and will be held inside of the Park Building. Members of the public attending the meeting will be required to wear a mask and properly social distance. In lieu of attending the meeting in person, the public is encouraged to participate by submitting comments to the Borough secretary at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting via email to or by calling the Borough office at 412-741-8566.

Advertisement: On behalf of the Boroughs of Glenfield and Haysville, please find a link to the public review draft documents the municipalities have developed over the course of this past year.

 The municipalities have hosted a successful and well received joint public meeting in Spring 2020 and, in accordance with the PA Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), are in the process of scheduling their public hearing for December 2020.  Information associated with the Public Hearing will be advertised at a later date in accordance with the MPC.

 Thank you for the opportunity to forward the information.  Please submit any comments to on or prior to December 11, 2020.